Meet Jim

Meet Jim

When Jim Bernard purchased the family business, his father taught him to succeed by working hard and “watching the money.” As County Chair that’s just what Jim did. Jim got right to work streamlining County application processes for our citizens and business community and continuing our efforts to budget sustainably, focusing investments on where they can do the most good. Jim worked hard to restore trust with local governments and will continue to increase engagement by providing greater citizen access to Commissioners. As important as what Jim Bernard accomplishes is how he does it: with mainstream, respectful leadership that brings people together. That’s why Jim deserves our vote.

“We must work with our citizens, businesses, cities, and community organizations to develop common sense plans and programs to create jobs and opportunities for community investments. I keep an open door and an open mind to citizens and businesses alike. I will continue to lead with purpose, to focus on the issues that matter, and to find common sense solutions to the problems we face here in Clackamas County.” – Jim Bernard